Weber Traveler Is A Portable And Collapsible Grill With A Full-Size Cooking Area

There’s no shortage of portable grills out there, from barebones options that take up minimum space to small boxes you can carry by hand to larger units that are best transported in a car.  The Weber Traveler belongs in the latter category, giving folks a portable gas grill that’s perfect for campsites, beaches, and tailgate parties.

Surprisingly, this is only the outfit’s second portable grill, with the Weber Q having been the only portable option in their catalog for the longest time. Well, this isn’t more portable than that model. Instead, it’s actually bigger and heavier, albeit with a few added functions that still make it an excellent way to get barbecue on the go, provided you don’t have to carry it for extended periods of time (it’s really heavy).

The Weber Traveler actually looks and feels like a full-size grill, with its 320 square inches of cooking area allowing you to cook a whopping 15 burger patties in one go (if you really, really fit them tightly, of course). Yes, it’s overkill for small parties looking for portable ways to grill meats and veggies in the wild, but it should be ideal for larger groups that want to enjoy good food while adventuring in the outdoors. While it is pretty big at 43.6 x 37.2 x 23 inches (width x height x depth), it does have folding legs and a convenient handle that allows you to collapse it into a portable bundle sized to fit in the trunk of any car. Of course, this portable bundle weighs a whopping 47 pounds, so you definitely want to avoid any extended hikes if you’re tasked with carrying this thing.

Designed to hook up to standard propane canister, it boasts 13,000 BTUs per hour, so it can heat up to your desired cooking temperatures in short order. A push-button ignition allows you to quickly and safely start up the grill, while a single fuel control knob lets you easily adjust temperature as your cooking requires. It has a built-in lid with a temperature gauge, by the way, so you can cook as efficiently as you do at the gas grill you have at home.

The Weber Traveler can be set up from its collapsed in mere minutes, requiring you to simply unfold the legs and you’re good to go. Yes, it has a pair of wheels (durable and all-weather, according to the outfit), which should allow you to push it around the campsite instead of collapsing everything again, in case you’re looking to move from one spot to another, as well as spare you from having to carry it while collapsed (you can drag it like luggage). It comes with a work surface on the side, in case you need a place to slice up some grub, set down your grilling tools, or hold your cold beer while you turn the meats over. The whole grill, by the way, is attached to the cart, so no need to detach large parts when you’re collapsing, allowing everything to deploy and pack up a lot faster.

Is it the most portable grilling option out there? Heck, no. If you want to enjoy the outdoors while getting a full-size grill, though, it just may be your best bet. The Weber Traveler is available now, priced at $325.

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