Weed Whacking Golf Driver Lets You Cheat At Golf

You take a swing, the ball flies and it lands on thick grass.  Just your luck – it looks like you’re paying for the evening’s round of drinks again.  Or maybe not with the Weed Whacking Golf Driver, an innocent-looking club that sneakily hides a built-in grass trimmer.

At a glance, it looks like a regular driver that’s slightly oversized.  We doubt anyone will even pay it any mind while you take it out of your golf bag and take it near the ball, pretending to calculate what kind of shot you should aspire for.  Push a single button, however, and the plastic bottom flips open.  Do the same with another button and the integrated single-string cutter goes to work, clearing the area around your ball’s unfortunate landing spot.

The Weed Whacking Golf Driver is a 1 lb., 39-inch long club that’s equipped to get rid of obstructive grass on the down low.  Despite the stealthy intentions, we doubt you’ll get away using this without creating some sort of distraction.  For that, we recommend paying someone to get people to look away for a few seconds – that’s all you need to create sufficient clearance.

Of course, actually making your next shot still rests squarely on your abilities, so having a weed whacker doesn’t guarantee you can actually keep your money this time.  Regardless, getting a clean shot with no plants in the way could raise your chances of success.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Weed Whacking Golf Driver for $39.95.  Considering it can help save you from losing more bets in the future, that’s probably a fair price.

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