Belkin WeMo Maker Kit Smartens Up All Your Gadgets And Machines

A connected home is awesome and all but replacing everything in your digs with newly-minted smart counterparts (e.g. smart locks, smart doorbells, smart winches) just isn’t a fiscally responsible option for everyone. Heck, it’s probably a horrible idea for a lot of folks. The DIY solution? Hack an Arduino as a remote switch, then use it to control legacy appliances from a central source. Since not everybody is going to be stoked about having to do complex coding and electronics work either, the WeMo Maker might offer a relatively simpler option.

Made by Belkin as part of their smart products line, it can be wired into any low-voltage gadget, machine, or appliance that’s controlled by a DC switch, immediately giving it connected features that allow remote access via the WeMo app. Want to turn on the sprinklers at home while you’re on a business trip? Yep, this will do it. How about remote controlling a motor for opening and closing the window blinds? Yep, not a problem. Sure, it’s no plug-and-play, either, but it can let you turn a whole host of erstwhile offline objects into internet-connected gadgets with tolerable levels of work.

Aside from controlling switches, the WeMo Maker can also monitor and manage a wide range of 5V DC sensors, allowing you to use it for triggering events all on its own (e.g. switch on the heater when temperature reaches a certain level). Even better, it works with the popular IFTTT, so you can trigger behaviors via the various systems supported by the service.

No word on pricing, but the WeMo Maker will hit stores in the Spring.

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