We’re Finally Ready To Hangout With Beings From Alien Planets

aerodynamic-umbrellaMy mother’s favorite saying after Neil Armstrong took his first step on the lunar surface was…”They can put a man on the moon but they can’t make Christmas lights that don’t trip the breaker every five minutes.”  Well, I admit that I’m a bit young to be using that phrase but I had the same basic thought last time I went out in the windy rainstorm with an umbrella.

Finally though, someone was able to create an umbrella that not only doesn’t flip over in the wind and completely destroy itself, but also does a better job at keeping the rain out. It’s called the Aerodynamic Senz Umbrella and it retails for just $65 bucks.  The Senz is made of nylon and stainless steel and it looks a bit like the batcape.  Its shape gives it the ability to withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour without inverting.

Not only doesn’t it look like your average umbrella, but it doesn’t open like one either.  Rather than popping open quickly, relieving you yet again of the fear that you’re going to lose a finger, the Senz Umbrella opens smoothly with a manual release.

The design gives you maximum protection from the rain, and this product won the 2008 German Design Award. Anyone who is tired of replacing awkward, inverted umbrellas should invest in this neat little item.  Now, if they could only make Cheetos that don’t turn your fingers orange.