Western Dryer Lets You Blow-Dry Like A Man


Blow dryers have long been bathroom staples.  Let’s be honest, though.  With the lot of them being flowered and girlied up, it feels a little strange to keep them in your bachelor roost.  The Western Dryer provides reprieve, touting a manly-looking revolver body, to go along with the excellent hair-drying talent.

As a blow-dry equipment fit for action heroes, the Western Dryer is clad like a handheld weapon from the turn of the century.  It doesn’t actually look like any real-life gun (the barrel is huge to accommodate the rotors), but looks like it will make a good base design for steampunk modders outfitting a pistol in that aesthetic.

The blower’s power switch is armed on the trigger, with the settings controlled by repositioning the hammer (low warm, high warm and cool).  Pop the lid out of the nozzle, aim it at your armpit and begin drying that area under your arms (like what the woman below is about to do, lol).  Rated at 1000 watts, it should blow moist off your hair and skin without much effort.


Naturally, this would have been cooler if the set comes with a holster, so you can walk around naked in the bathroom with a pistol dryer strapped to your body.  But, alas, you’ll have to content yourself with  keeping it in the bathroom dresser.

The Western Dryer is available in Japan for ¥4,725 (around $52).

[Nodaya via Technabob]