Wetsuits By Diddo Let You Fake A Shark Attack, Pretend To Be A Shark Whale And More


Want to terrorize the army of families haunting the beaches this summer?  Do it with tall tales of sharks infesting the depths just past the shore and show off the flesh wounds on your body to prove it.  If you can manage the fabricated story but not the fake wounds, don’t worry – let By Diddo’s creative wetsuits play the part.

Chillingly realistic, By Diddo’s unique waterwear comes with a slew of realistic designs that will make anyone catching sight of you shriek with horror.  Featuring prints of bite marks, flesh wounds and skin tears that go deep into the muscle, you’ll look like you were right in the middle of the war between the Mega Shark and the Giant Octopus, walking back to shore to tell the tale.

To create the effect, By Diddo fashions life-like textures and images, which are then printed onto the suits.  Using creative placement, custom inks and unique printing techniques, the results look terrifyingly real even when viewed at closer distances.

The first edition of the wetsuits contain four original creations, which include the shark attack design.  The others consist of a vintage-looking rusted iron diving suit, a full human muscle structure print and one sporting whale shark patterns.   Currently available only as limited editions, you’ll have to contact the creator directly to procure one for yourself.  Expect this to hit the mass market trail soon, though – it’s too cool to pass up.  See more pictures from the links below!

[By Diddo via Dornob]