WeWood X2 Smart Shelf Expands To Twice The Storage Space


We’ve seen plenty of expandable storage furniture before. None of them, however, lets you easily double the storage room in a single move. That’s what makes the WeWood X2 Smart Shelf such a clever design.

While it looks like any freestanding bookshelf when collapsed, it actually consists of two intersecting bookshelves of the exact same size, allowing you to simply pull the other one to the double your storage facility. Even better, the second bookshelf can also be expanded upward, partially extended to either direction, and even tilted if you want a more avant-garde aesthetic. Do note, there’s no actual guarantee that the darn thing won’t fall over when tilted, so be careful experimenting.


Yes, the idea of intersecting bookshelves sounds impossible. The WeWood X2 Smart Shelf, however, is able to do that by using wood slats, enabling the second bookshelf to enter the first through the numerous gaps. A total of 96 wood slats have been used to create the two intersecting bookshelves (48 each), with each pair of slats connected in place using individual brass screws, ensuring there’s enough gap between to allow the second bookshelf to slip in.


When collapsed as a single bookshelf, it measures 59 x 59 x 11.8 inches (w x h x d), with the second able to extend up to 88.5 inches high and 88.5 inches to the side. It’s available in either oak or walnut, with a variety of finishing options.

No pricing is listed for the WeWood X2 Smart Shelf, but you can request one from the website.

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