Wheat Beer Shampoo Cleans Your Hair With Booze

Drinking  beer or any kind of alcohol as a matter of fact in moderation is fine in our books.  Unless you’re trying to lose a gut or nurse a sickness, that is.  If you’d still like to have beer around even as you cut down, though, you could get it in other ways.  Like this Wheat Beer Shampoo.

The perfect complement to your Dogfish Head Beer Soap, it’s a real shampoo made partly with wheat beer.  That way, you can smell like you’re drenched in beer from head to toe the entire day without having to actually drink until you blackout the night before.

Made by Frank Leder, the Wheat Beer Shampoo is part of his Tradition line, which consists of German-handcrafted grooming products with a decidedly quirky twist.  It uses traditional recipes handed down from Austrian artisans that Leder infused with his own formula to get the beer scent on board.  Each one comes in a 250ml bottle with a vintage Bakelite screwcap, so it looks like some sort of vintage homebrew for your imbibing pleasure.  Might be a good idea to label this as a “shampoo” in big, bold letters when you leave it in the bathroom — you don’t want anyone else in the house mistaking it for an actual beverage and attempting to get drunk on hair detergent, after all.

The Wheat Beer Shampoo is available now, priced at $55.

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