Finally, A Book That Tells You Where The Good Pizza Is Anywhere In The World


It’s not easy to decide where to eat when you’re in an unfamiliar city, making the whole ordeal feel more like Russian Roulette than an exciting adventure. It’s the same whether you’re looking for a juicy steak, delectable sandwiches, or a good slice of pizza. For the latter, at least, an upcoming hardcover volume called Where to Eat Pizza should help clear up any potential confusion.

Compiling over 1,700 pizza joints the world over, the book tells you both the best times to come in and which items on the menu to order. No more experimenting once you find yourself in unfamiliar turf – just jot down the recommendations before you visit a place and you’ll know exactly where to get your pizza fix.

Authored by London-based food critic Daniel Young, Where to Eat Pizza delves down into their recommendations with in-depth reviews, detailed city maps, and honest comments about the place from various industry personalities. They also include key information you will need to enjoy the best experience at each individual pizzeria, essentially arming you with the full inside scoop. It supplements that content across the 576 pages with a variety of quoted comments from chefs, critics, and other industry experts about everyone’s favorite Italian flatbread, discussing secret ingredients, special sauces, and the mechanics of achieving the perfect crust, so it should offer some useful advice to further refine your own work at the home pizza oven.

Slated to ship in April, Where to Eat Pizza is priced at $29.95.

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