Whereever You Go…Illumination Awaits!

tracklightOkay, we’ve all been in a place where we desperately needed someone to hold the flashlight for us.  We try propping it under an armpit and then the chin.  Then we poke and shove and realize that it is too big to be held in our mouth, and try to wash out the slight taste of armpit on our tongue.
Enter the Tracklight.  This handy little light can be mounted anywhere that there is something metal.  Then you just swivel the head, and a powerful beams lights up whatever project you probably should have left until morning anyway.  It’s waterproof too, for those projects that just have to be done in the rain, and it attaches to its handy little keychain sleeve, so that you have it with you pretty much everywhere you go.

The Tracklight is made out of aluminum so it’s lightweight and won’t fall off of surfaces that you attach it to, and its compact size would fool you into thinking that it wouldn’t put out as powerful of a beam as it does.  The Tracklight is perfect for around the house, construction projects, computer hardware installation and repair and road trips where you’d like to read a book while everyone else is sleeping.

If you want to give The Trackllight as a gift, it comes in a beautiful padded case.  The tracklight takes four 1.5 volt cell batteries and retails for $18.00.