Whip Up An Exotic Meal With Destination Dinners

Trying to impress a date with your cooking wizardry, but the extent of your kitchen genius ends at scrambled eggs and bacon? I sympathize. I lied about being an understudy on “The Iron Chef” once or twice too just to get girls over. Don’t worry, though. Destination Dinners could save you from embarrassment yet.

A food delivery company, they let you order packages that contain most of the things you’ll need to prepare grub that takes your date’s palates to another land (strictly on Earth though – no Martian dishes). Pickings run a wide range, from Korean Beef Bulgogi to Thai-style Green Chicken Curry to Lebanese Spiced Lambs, and more.

Each Destination Dinners kit is designed to make cooking a breeze. You get pre-measured exotic spices, sauces and dried ingredients, along with cooking instructions and a shopping list for other stuff you’ll need for the dish. All you have to do is add the proper portions of meat or vegetables, then dump everything they sent in clean. No tasting, no experimenting, and no stuff that tastes like scrambled eggs and bacon. Win.

If you’re at all intimidated by spices that don’t spell like “pepper” and “salt,” the kit should be an excellent introduction to a whole world of tastes you can incorporate in your kitchen meanderings. Even without a date to impress, it sounds worthwhile to give it a try.

The individual Destination Dinners kits, which sell for $25 to $30, contain enough ingredients to feed 4 to 6 people each. Those with loftier ambitions can order the Large Dinner Party Kits (which come with serving dishes, cookware and accompanying music on CD) or sign up for the Passport for a regular supply of new dishes every month.

[Destination Dinners via Treehugger]