Do You Have A Moustache? Do You Drink Beer? You Need The Whisker Dam


Do you have a moustache? Do you drink beer from a pint? Do you hate the fact that you get beer on your moustache every time you take a big swig? While you can always just mow the ‘stache and banish the problem forever, we have a feeling an unnatural affection for your moustache will make you prefer just drinking with a Whisker Dam instead.

A “moustache guard,” it’s designed to protect that beloved patch of hair on your upper lip from the indulgent beverages you consume. It does this by clamping on top of a pint and blocking the path to your moustache every time you draw a gulp, ensuring your well-groomed facial hair is never rendered dripping in ale or covered in foam.


While obviously designed for protecting your lip hair from a nightly indulgence of homemade craft beer, the Whisker Dam can also be used to guard the ‘stache against regular beers, sodas, and any other beverage you consume out of your favorite pint (which, of course, is the pint with the shot glass in it). When clamped on, it will leave an opening on one edge of the glass mouth that’s big enough so you can still take big gulps, all without the annoyance of a wet moustache or, worse, a strand of ‘stache hair floating on your drink.


Each Whisker Dam is handcrafted from copper that’s finished in a patina reminiscent of the Wild West, before being coated with a non-toxic barrier. It’s available now, priced at $20.

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