Whiskey On The Rocks… Real Rocks


I guess someone missed the memo about Whiskey On The Rocks.  Apparently perturbed by the fact that ordering a drink on the rocks gets the you the drink with ice cubes, someone came up with actual rocks that you can substitute in its place.  Called Whiskey Rocks, the literal interpretation makes me want to bang my head up a wall, but I think I’ll just down a shot instead.

While ice is great due to its ability to chill your alcohol, it comes at the price of diluting your drink.  Watery stuff just doesn’t taste as good, though it’s a price we usually agree to pay for the cold sensation of drinking from an ice-filled glass.

Lucky for you alcoholics, you can now chill your drinks without diluting the liquor using Whiskey Rocks.  Made from real soapstone cut in ice cube-sizes (0.875 inches on all sides), it retains icy temperatures and distributes it to your drink when you pop it down the glass.  Simply store the items in a freezer for a few hours before use (to allow it to freeze) and you’re good to go.  Once the temperature has gone to normal (no more cooling effect), simply wash each Whiskey Rock and put it back in for later.

When I was younger, it didn’t really make sense to me to call ice-chilled alcohol “on the rocks”.  Why not just call it Whiskey with Ice, since that’s what it really is?  With Whiskey Rocks, you can escape the whole confusion.  Of course, your drink looks a tad less appetizing with actual stones piled up on your glass, but at least, you’re being faithful to the name.  It sells in sets of eight for $15 and comes with a free carrying bag.

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