Not A Fan Of Christmas Trees? Try This White Holiday Tree For A Different Seasonal Decor


A Christmas tree is nice and all, but your recent interior makeover makes it apparent that a bushy plant just won’t look good sitting in the corner of the living room anymore. If you still want to keep the Christmas spirit alive without ruining the stylish aesthetic you’ve worked all year to achieve, it might be time to shop around for alternative holiday trees. Depending on what kind of décor you actually have set up, this White Holiday Tree just might do the trick.

Designed by LA-based Gere Kavanaugh, it’s a wireframe structure that features a pyramid-shaped tree containing a series of intersecting elements that form varied geometric shapes. Use the structure to hang and hold a variety of holiday ornaments, from traditional items to techie-inspired fare to colorful Christmas papercraft to whatever else can make the holidays feel more meaningful in your household.


The White Holiday Tree is actually based on one of Gere’s old designs from 30 years ago, which is a large pyramid structure constructed entirely out of drinking straws. This new release repurposes that form into a snow-colored decorative holiday piece, using durable powder-coated iron that’s assembled by hand into a geometric sculpture. It measures 21.25 x 24 x 21 inches (h x w x d), making it ideal for placing on a mantle, a side table, or the coffee table in the center of the living room. Heck, you can even get away with hanging this on a hall or some other area of the house, giving you added options in Christmas decorating.

Available from CB2, the White Holiday Tree retails for $56.

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