White & White: A 3D Digital Wall Clock

Remember when hanging wall clocks around the house was actually necessary?  While the need for doing so may have passed with the advent of cellphones and pretty much every electronics item with a display, they’re still nice to have around especially when your clock looks as good as the White & White.

We’ve featured plenty of fun-looking wall clocks here before, like the Domino Clock, the Qlocktwo and the Aspiral.  This one definitely ranks up with those in the style department, all while managing to be as straightforward as possible to read.

Designed by Vadim Kibardin, the White & White is a digital clock that strips every part of the display, with the entire frame adopting a digital 3D form.  It measures 285 x 35 x 110 mm and weighs 400 grams, with LEDs under a white plastic frame displaying the time.

The unit can either be wall-mounted or set down on a desk, although you’ll need to plug it to a wall-outlet to get it to work (yeah, you can’t wear it around your neck — sorry, Flava Flav).  A built-in light sensor changes the brightness of the LEDs depending on in-room lighting, so it dims down considerably when you turn off the lights.  The clock has both time and alarm modes, but no date display.

The White & White is currently available for pre-order right from Kibardin’s website.  Price is $203.