Wi-Fi Detector Cap


Wi-Fi signals in public places are the absolute gift of Gods of technology, a gift bestowed lovingly unto self confessed geeks, computer nerds and technology addicts… and perhaps even the closet ones too. The Wi-Fi symbol is becoming known and loved by the internet fiends who trawl city centres looking for venues displaying its loving logo, welcoming them for coffee and free surfing.

But is that logo so great that you’d wear it? Think Geek seems to think so. Their latest product is a baseball cap. “A baseball cap,” I hear you cry, “But what’s so nerdy about that?” Well nothing is nerdy about a plain baseball cap, or a sporty one, or one worn by jocks and those body builder types who date the women we can only dream of attracting. But this one displays the not so subtle Wi-Fi signal symbol as a logo on the front of it. But not only does it display it, it also works as a signal detector.


Yes, this black baseball cap will let you know what the Wi-Fi signal strength is like in your area. Given that this technology is so easily produced and commercially manufactured, perhaps they could have found a more subtle way to present it than on your head? But anyway, the bars of the signal light up to announce the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi strength in the area you are presently in. It’s a one size fits all hat and is available at little more than the cost of a plain hat (and definitely much cheaper than a sports branded hat) at just $15.

You’ll be pleased to know batteries are included. So be my guest, go wandering around Wi-Fi hot spots in geeky glamour announcing to the world the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. You never know, your fellow passersby might even thank you. They probably won’t. But they might.

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