Wicked Evolution Jr RC Van Can Stand Upright, Breathe Fire


Do you like RC trucks?  What about anthropomorphic robot cars?  How do you feel about fire-breathing creatures?  Get all of those things together on a single machine with the Wicked Evolution Jr, an RC monster van that can go from all fours to standing, all while spewing a flame large enough to grill them puny humans.

That’s right, it breathes fire like a freaking dragon, making it the first RC car that can cook a mean barbecue (at least, I think) if you want it to.  Not only that, it can stand upright like a Transformer using an installed set of hydraulics and actuators, looking half-mean and half-goofy in the process.


Custom-built by Skylar Wicked Vans, the beastly-looking ride looks like one of those cute, pudgy RC cars with big, fat wheels and a bulky frame in non-robot mode.  Of course, it will likely run over your run-of-the-mill hobby store fare (not to mention break your foot), being 6.5 feet long and weighing 750 lbs.

While it doesn’t keep evil forces at bay like the Autobots do, the Wicked Evolution Jr does its own share of making the world a better place.  Skylar rents the beast out to parties and events, bringing joy to the world with its fire-breathing charms.


So what about the elder Wicked Evolution? Unfortunately, little Jr’s father is not a transforming, inferno-spewing beast like him, so you can stop looking forward to a full-fledged monster truck that do can do all those crazy stuff (it’s actually a rather regular, albeit snazzily-designed, ambulance van).

Check out the video below to see Wicked Evolution Jr in action and head on over to their website for bookings.

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