Wicked Lasers’ New Flashlight Has A Beam That Can Start Fires And Cook Food


It’s far from being the brightest nor the most portable flashlight you can get. Wicked Lasers’ Flashtorch Mini, however, won’t just illuminate your surroundings, as the darn thing’s unusually hot beam can literally burn through plastic, start a fire, and even serve as a standalone stove (seriously, you can set it down vertically to heat a small pan on top).

A smaller version of the outfit’s foot-long FlashTorch, it retains the original’s torch-everything-in-sight ability, all while providing either a wide floodlight or a concentrated searchlight for all your conventional illumination needs. That way, you can use it to light up a dark trail, see inside a cave, or just brighten up camp during dinner, while giving you a powerful tool to start forest fires if you’re feeling just a little insane.

The Wicked Lasers FlashTorch Mini delivers 2,300 lumens of intense white light, with three brightness modes allowing you to use just the right amount of illumination. Instead of LEDs, which aren’t all that hot, it uses halogen for the lighting unit, which it pairs with a heat-resistant lens and reflector setup to ensure the whole thing doesn’t explode on your hand. It also comes with an automatic lock-out mode, so there’s no chance of accidentally turning it on while it sits inside your bag.


Features include a rechargeable battery with a maximum duration of 100 minutes (30 minutes at max brightness), mil-spec anodized aluminum body, and a light weight of just 0.85 pounds. Like other halogen flashlights, it’s not small, although at 8.6 inches long, it’s easily the most compact fire-starting flashlight currently in the market.


Available now, the Wicked Lasers FlashTorch Mini is priced at $199.

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