Wicked Wedge Is A Lounging Mat With A Backrest

Planting your butt on the ground is cool for relaxing your legs and all.  But your back needs a reclined surface to keep it comfortable, too.   And that’s exactly what the Wicked Wedge offers.

A mat with a wedge-shaped backrest, it gives you a reclined surface to lean back on, so you don’t spend the day hunched over while sitting in the park, the beach or the poolside.  You can use it indoors, too, especially when you’d rather sit on the bed or if your coffin sofa’s backrest just isn’t cutting it for extended lounging.

The Wicked Wedge is a portable and inflatable lounger.  That’s right, you can take out all the air and fold it into a compact 23 x 17cm pack that should easily fit into the spare compartment of any bag.  Designed for outdoor use, the edges of the body are sealed tight for waterproofing, making it ideal as a beach and poolside accessory.  It’s made from flocked PVC, which should offer enough traction to keep it from moving when you rest your back on the wedge.

Since the wedge is the only part that needs blowing up, it only takes about two minutes to inflate by mouth and just a few seconds by pump.  They do advise not to jump onto the wedge, though, since it’s basically a balloon and balloons burst.  Unless you’re into that, of course.

If you enjoy lounging outdoors or just prefer sitting on the floor while playing Angry Birds, you can’t go wrong with the Wicked Wedge.  It’s available now, priced at £14.99.