Wickelfisch Dry Bag Doubles As A Float So You Can Bring It In The Water


There are plenty of dry bags that you can use to keep your gear dry when you hit the beach. And they usually do a good job of keeping water out. Problem is, they’re all designed to be left somewhere safe while you’re actually swimming in the water. Not the case with the Wickelfisch, a dry bag that’s designed to swim in the water with you.

That’s right, this dry bag is designed to float in the water, ensuring you can bring it along without fear of losing your gear to the bottom of the ocean. That means, you can keep your phone, camera, wallet, and other valuables within reach at all times, so you never have to worry about losing them like you normally do when enjoying a swim in a crowded beach or lake.


How does it float? The Wickelfisch is actually an inflatable bag that holds air inside along with your gear, essentially becoming a functional float when properly sealed. From the looks of things, it can even serve as a floatation device, although the company claims it wasn’t intended for that purpose and shouldn’t be used as such. They do, however, seem to encourage its use as a “swim pillow” that you can use to lay your head on while you float on your back and chill the day away in the water.

To use, simply dump all your gear inside the main compartment the way you would any regular dry bag. If you don’t want to walk around with a balloon-like bag, then use it like a tote with the top left open while you carry it to the water. Before hitting the water, though, you’re going to want to prepare the bag to float, at which point you’re supposed to let air in, then roll up the tail of the bag seven times to seal it. From there, your dry bag has transformed into a functional float that should stay on the water’s surface the entire time.


The Wickelfisch has an integrated strap that you can carry similar to a shoulder bag while on land, all while being capable of strapping to your body when you hit the water. The outfit recommends strapping it around your waist, although you can, of course, strap it anywhere you darn well please. Construction is waterproof ripstop nylon for the bag, so this should hold up to a good load of abuse throughout the summer, all while keeping all your gear safe and dry inside.


It comes in two sizes: small (four-liter capacity) and large (33-liter capacity), with the former being perfect for those who only want to bring their valuables to the water and the latter providing an option for those who want to bring everything while they swim, surf, or ride their paddleboards. Both sizes are available in 11 different vibrant colors (no depressing black), with a fish-like print to impart a joyful summer vibe.

Available now, pricing for the Wickelfisch is set at $20 for the small bag and $34 for the large.

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