Wig Head Vase Can Hold Not Just Flowers But Also Toupees


At first glance, these Wig Head Vases look like wig stand displays for setting down toupees when you’re not using them to cover the bald patch on your head. And while it should work well enough when used for that purpose, you’re really passing off on a chance to create a unique piece of décor, since it’s also a vase that you can adorn with a beautiful flower arrangement.

Designed by Tania da Cruz, it’s a mannequin head that’s equipped to wear a full head of floral elements. Want to display a head adorned with lilies, irises, and peonies arranged in a mohawk on a living room side table? Not a problem. How about an English garden arrangement with all your favorite blooms in tow? That will work, too. How about a thick pile of vines and ornamental grasses for a disheveled look? Sure, go ahead and be as creative as you want.


The Wig Head Vase is a glazed ceramic wig stand, with a face shape that’s “more poetic than anatomical” for better decorative function. To allow it to hold your flower arrangements, it comes with multiple holes on the noggin, where you can drop in your flower’s stems, along with whatever other elements you want to include in the set.   Each one is handcrafted from glazed ceramic, finished in black or white, with either matte or glossy finish. It measures 6 x 9 x 15.5 inches.


Available from Gessato, the Wig Head Vase is priced at $330.

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