Active NFL Training Camp Prepares You For The Combine…On A Wii

Even video gamers dream of playing in the NFL, I know I do.  Provided you’re young enough to actually develop into a decent athlete, you might be able to pull it off  with the EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp, a Wii game and trainer that seeks to get you in football shape.

Using realistic NFL training camp routines, the game offers over 70 drills that claim to create “the most challenging and focused exercise game developed to date.”  Each one focuses on key areas of improvement NFL players need to work on, including reaction skills, strength and agility.

The Active NFL Training Camp can work with your Wii Balance Board, adding new ways to use your existing peripheral to get a solid workout.  It comes bundled with arm and leg straps packing their own motion sensors and a heart monitor, along with a resistance band for performing in-game strength-training exercises and a USB receiver.

In-game, you can choose which team to train with, so you can do the drills alongside virtual equivalents of your favorite players right in their stadiums.  Special features include the NFL Combine 60-Day Challenge (a total body conditioning program) and full tracking via the EA Sports Active online hub.

While we have no doubt there are some obvious benefits to training for the NFL on your Wii, try to not get your hopes too high up.  It’s still just a video game, after all.  The EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp is now available on Amazon for just a hair under $100.
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