Wiim Wake Up Light Combines Sunrise Alarm, Sound Machine, And Alexa Speaker In One

Sunrise alarm clocks have become popular in recent years, with their ability to ease you into waking up, instead of abruptly disturbing your slumber using loud alarms. It’s just a gentler and nicer way to get your day started. So far, though, we haven’t seen an actual sunrise alarm with proper Alexa integration, even on Amazon’s own version of the alarm clock. The Wiim Wake Up Light changes that.

That’s right, it’s a sunrise alarm clock with full Alexa support, allowing you to set alarms, control the light, change alarm sounds, and more using voice control. Even better, it comes with most of Alexa’s standard functions, from checking the weather and adding reminders to receiving traffic information and more. Sure, there are couple of Echo speaker features that are unsupported (e.g, comms and drop-in), but it delivers most of what people use the voice assistant to do.

The Wiim Wake Up Light comes with all standard sunrise alarm functions, so you can have it light up to mimic the sunrise to wake you up, simulate the sunset to help you sleep, and glow in a variety of colors to set the mood in the room. It’s fully customizable via the companion app, although it also comes with physical buttons on the top and back, so you can set alarms, adjust volume, and change the settings without having to take your phone out of its charging dock. Of course, what makes it special is that you can also do the same using Alexa. According to the outfit, you can use voice commands to set the alarm, adjust brightness and colors, launch preset light modes, and, pretty much, everything else you can do from the app.

Unlike many sunrise alarms, this one is also a 6W Bluetooth speaker (two 3W drivers). When trying to sleep, you can use it like a sound machine to lull you into slumber. Not only does it have built-in sounds to help you sleep, the fact that it’s a full-fledged connected speaker means you can also play sleep sounds from any music streaming service of your choice. Plus, you can play any music you want to help wake you up along with the simulated sunrise. Oh yeah, it even has multi-room speaker support, in case you have other Wiim speakers around the house.

The Wiim Wake Up Light is, basically, a functional replacement for a sunrise alarm, a sound machine, and an Alexa speaker, allowing you to swap it in place of all three devices if you have them in your nightstand. The light isn’t just designed for sunrise and sunset modes, either, as it uses a full-fledged multi-color LED that you can set into any color and lighting pattern of your liking.  That means, you can use it as a substitute for your bedside light, with the outfit even recommending using it as a reading light if you prefer dozing off to the words on a page. Yeah, it’s quite the versatile device.

The Wiim Wake Up Light is available now.

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