This Belaying Device Locks The Rope In Place When It Detects Rock Climbers Falling


During rock climbing, there’s no substitute for an experienced partner who knows how to exert proper tension on a rope when you slip and start falling. Problem is, people make mistakes and even the most experienced belayers can occasionally mess up. The Wild Country Revo is a new belaying device designed to prevent that.

An auto-locking belay device, it will immediately lock the ropes in place when it detects the kind of rope movement that happens when someone’s falling. It doesn’t matter whether your belaying partner lost his grip, panicked, or downright didn’t know what to do during a fall – the locking mechanism will engage to keep you from falling any further. It’s a literal lifesaver that adds an extra layer of safety to rock climbing adventures.


Designed for use by both novices and advanced climbers alike, the Wild Country Revo’s auto-locking mechanism will engage regardless of what orientation the rope is fed. That means, the darn thing will still work even if you inserted the rope incorrectly. It functions similarly to other belay devices, allowing you to give and take slack using standard techniques, with the lock only engaging during rapid rope movements. There’s no way to override the locking mechanism, so no further accidental missteps on the belayer’s part can possibly happen. Features include forged aircraft-grade aluminum construction, compatibility with all locking carabiner designs, and compatibility with ropes between 8.5 to 11 mm.

No pricing has been announced for the Wild Country Revo, but it’s slated to come out later in the year.

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