Use This Fire Starter To Get A Big Blazing Campfire Going Instantly In Any Weather


Collecting kindling in order to start a campfire is simple enough. Being a society obsessed with convenience, though, of course we want even simpler ways. From what we can tell, there might be no solution even simpler than the Will Light Fire Starter.

Instead of gathering kindling, lighting it, and nurturing that into a burning blaze, this contraption lets you make starting a fire a set-and-forget affair. No more getting down on your knees to blow into your fire after coming back from a long day of adventure, with this thing allowing you to start a fire in under a minute of work. That way, you can get to drying your wet clothes, roasting a hotdog, or making your S’mores much faster.


The Will Light Fire Starter consists of a disc-shaped solid compound that you unpack to reveal the fuse. To use, simply place it on the ground, stack your fuel on top, and light the fuse. That’s it. As soon as the compound ignites, it will burn at 4,000 degrees, immediately setting your stack of logs, branches, and other woody material aflame, allowing you to get a satisfying fire going in no time. That 4,000-degree ignition should be hot enough to cause most anything to burn, so you should have no problem using wet logs and other water-logged objects for fuel.

It’s waterproof and windproof, so you’re guaranteed to be able to start a fire even in the middle of inclement weather. Do note, only the fire starter is waterproof and windproof, so you’ll still have to start your fire in a place where it won’t continually get rained on. If you can cover that, though, you should be fine.


The Will Light Fire Start comes in four sizes: pocket, pack, camp, and inferno. Pocket is the smallest of the lot, coming in a size that should fit comfortably in your pants pocket, so you can easily bring several of these during any outdoor adventure. It burns at 4,000 degrees for slightly over 60 seconds, so you have a minute to make sure all your fuel is in place. Pack is a slightly bigger version that’s still smaller than a hockey puck (so it can still fit in most pants pockets), all while burning at the maximum temperature for around two minutes.


Camp is a bigger version that measures around the size of two hockey pucks stacked on top of each other. It will ignite at 4,000 degrees for a couple of minutes, then provide a secondary burn, so it will keep igniting wet material that needs additional heat in order to dry out long after the max temperature is gone. According to the outfit, this is a favorite among car campers and RV enthusiasts for the added convenience. Last is the inferno, which measures 5 x 2.5 inches (diameter x height). When ignited, it will burn at 4,000 degrees for 30 seconds while accompanied by a 48-inch flame, which should absolutely burn through any combustible material imaginable, no matter how wet they are. It also comes with a secondary burn that lasts for 30 minutes.

Pricing for the Will Light Fire Starter starts at $6.95.

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