WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery Simplifies Home Brewing For The Rest Of Us

We have no idea why you will want to make beer when you can just buy it.  I mean, that sounds like work, specially  if you’re a lazy bum like yours truly.  Still, if you want to ferment your own “commercial-quality” brew, this WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery looks like a lovely equipment to do it with.

Billed as the “world’s first all-in-one brewing appliance,” the machine lets you fashion your own alcoholic beverage in just seven short days — three weeks shorter than many traditional methods of brewing (way longer than a trip to the convenience store or a push of the fridge tap, though).  Like any good appliance, you just set a bunch of controls and let it work, requiring minimum effort to secure a fresh batch of beer for your personal consumption.

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery bundles a brewing tank, refrigeration system and ergonomically-designed dashboard panel inside the frame, integrating all necessary components to whip your own brews in one table-height stainless steel appliance.  It can produce 23 liters of beverage at a time, which sounds like a decent volume for personal consumption.

Makers Anders Warn and Ian Williams claim that their product has eliminated the 12 most common problems that occur during home brewing, like oxidization, temperature control and lengthy carbonation time, allowing it to produce beer at a considerably faster rate than your friendly neighborhood home brewer.  It can be used to brew beer in three different ways, too: basic (an idiot-proof system for beginners), advanced (a more relaxed approach for making up to 78 different flavors) and creative (for experienced home brewers who like to experiment).

We’re not sure about international availability, but the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery is now available  from the New Zealand company, priced at NZ $5,660 (US $4,400).

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