Windcatcher Air Pakk: This Bag Inflates Into A Travel Pillow Once Opened

If you’ve ever walked around with a backpack all day, chances are, you’ve used it as a makeshift pillow for a quick nap at least once.   And we’re guessing it was one of the most uncomfortable pillows you’ve ever laid your head on.  That wouldn’t have been the case if you were carrying your gear on a Windcatcher Air Pakk.

Created by the same dude who made that Windcatcher inflatable bed from last year, the backpack comes with self-inflating padding both front and back that turns it into a functional pillow as soon as the main compartment is fully unzipped.  From there, you can just lay your head on the bag while all your gear remains inside or remove your stuff to use it as a large, comfortable pillow.

In inflated form, the Windcatcher Air Pakk can be fully stretched out, giving you a soft fluffy surface that’s twice the closed-up backpack’s dimensions.  That means, you can use it to cushion not just your head, but your back, too, if you want to catch a nap in a bench at the park.  Once you’ve gotten your desired rest, simply zip the whole thing up and have it automatically deflate into a regular-looking pack.

No exact details yet on the volume capacity of the backpack (product page says they’ll post an update on that soon), but it comes with a laptop sleeve that’s sized to hold a 15-inch MacBook Pro.  Other features include removable interior pockets, a removable outer cover (so you can lay down your stash somewhere when using the full backpack as a pillow), and an exterior pocket strap for holding items like water bottles.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Windcatcher Air Pakk.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $90.

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