The Windcatcher Will Change How Inflatable Stuff Works

Inflatable stuff, from giant couches to blow-up waterparks, are awesome.  And if they can have the same superpowers as the Windcatcher Air Pad, they will likely be even more awesome.

Created by Portland-based Ryan Frayne, it’s an inflatable mattress that’s designed for blowing up by simply puffing into it.  Yep, no pumps necessary.  You don’t have to blow into it till you’re red in the face and your jaws hurt, either — just three puffs of air and the thing is fully-inflated.

Billed as the “fastest inflating air pad ever,” the Windcatcher is a blow-up mattress that uses a unique inflating mechanism that amplifies every puff of air you blow into it.  Basically, blowing into the valve creates a stream of fast-moving, low-pressure air, allowing it to suck the high-pressure air in the surroundings, filling the pad with as much as 15 times the amount of air that actually comes out of your lungs.  Even better, it’s completely sanitary (your mouth doesn’t have to touch the valve when blowing), quiet (no pumping sounds), and requires no extra tools.

Construction is 75D ripstop polyester that’s internally laminated with polyurethane.  Blown up, it measures 20 x 72 x 3.25 inches (w x l x h), all while being able to pack into a bundle measuring 9 x 3.5 inches and weighing 1.5 pounds for easy portability.  They also offer an optional Air Bag that transforms the mattress into an outdoor lounge chair.

The Windcatcher Air Pad is an ongoing Kickstarter project.  If you’re interested in securing one, pledges start at $80, with an August ship date.

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