Drink Like A Champ With The Wine Chiller Trophy

Want to feel like a winner every day?  Pop a bottle of moderately expensive champagne instead of downing another couple of beers like you do every night.  Better yet, keep that bottle in this Wine Chiller Trophy, a wine bucket clad in the form of a giant trophy cup.

Billed as “the manliest of all wine buckets,” we won’t be surprised if this was based off a real trophy.  You know, the kind people get for winning races or hockey games or hotdog eating contests.  It’s pretty big, too, measuring an awesome 13 inches tall and 7.5 inches in diameter.

The Wine Chiller Trophy is a pewter wine bucket designed to look like an antique trophy.  It features an eagle and lion crest etched on two opposite sides, along with  two large handles so you can hold it up to celebrate your daily victories at life.  Heck, you can even pour your bubblies down the thing, so you can drink it as if you just won a go-kart championship or something.

Like every wine bucket, it can hold your bottles while it drowns in a pool of ice, chilling your champagne, wine, or whatever beverage you can find left over from last weekend’s party.  Unlike a typical wine bucket, though, the unique trophy cup design makes it ideal for showing off in a bookshelf right next to your leather-bound books, samurai swords and Mathlete trophies from junior high.

Want one?  The Wine Chiller Trophy is available from Home Wet Bar, priced at $120.95.

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