Wine Innovations’ Single-Serve Wine Glasses Bring Convenience To Enjoying A Shiraz

Hankering for a booze fix, but don’t want to pop a full bottle open?  Not a problem with Wine Innovations’ single-serve wine glasses, which brings the spirit of throwaway consumption to wine sippers of all shapes and sizes.

Currently sold at London Marks and Spencer stores as M&S Le Froglet, the wines are packaged in recyclable plastic containers, molded in the shape of traditional wine glasses.  That means you can hold it the same classy way you’d normally enjoy your wine, except you’re drinking it out of a crummy plastic vessel.

Each single-serve M&S Le Froglet comes with 6.3 ounces of wine, which works to about 2.25 units, making it easily below the UK driving limit of three.  It comes in three varieties, either Shiraz, Rose or Chardonnay.   The glass is capped with a tin foil lid, making it easier to open than your usual cork-stopped bottle.

Wine on a plastic wine glass does sound silly, which is why the invention was initially dismissed when it was first pitched at the UK reality business show Dragon’s Den.  Surprisingly, it turns out the UK have more trashy convenience-minded folks than originally imagined, and the single-serve express wines have become a surprise minor hit.

Sold at £2.25 each ($3.37) each, buying wine in single-serve packs add up to a higher total amount than an equivalent bottle (£9 for four glasses versus  £4.50).   Despite that, it’s hard to argue about the convenience of an easy-to-open, drink-it-all, disposable wine that you can drink cupped in your fingers like a real glass.  All while driving your car.  And the cops chasing after you with sirens on.  Mmmm…classy.

[Wine Innovations via Cnet]