Bring Gunplay To Wine Parties With This Cork-Popping Wine Gun


Electric wine openers are awesome, allowing you to pop wine bottles open with nothing but the simple push of a button. WineOvation’s Wine Gun works, pretty much, like any of the models currently in the market, with one difference: the darn thing is shaped like a pistol for adding a little gunplay to your wine-tasting parties.

A fun addition to any home bar, this gun-shaped wine opener lets you cap the head off that bottle of Cabernet with a single pull on the trigger. Granted, that’s not as fun as blowing the head off the bottle with an actual bullet, but it should make for a more interesting replacement for other powered wine openers that look nothing more than an upright tube.


To use, simply hold the Wine Gun vertically over the bottle, push it downwards against the cork, and pull the trigger. The onboard motor will automatically stop as soon as the cork is removed, at which point you can pull out the gun and pretend to shoot all your dinner guests with it instead.  Sadly, it can’t shoot out the cork like a non-lethal round, which would have made it a thousand times more amazing.

An integrated battery allows you to open up to 30 bottles between charges, with an accompanying stand that pulls double duty as a gun holster and triple duty as a charging base. It comes in two colors: steel and pink.

Available now, the WineOvation Wine Gun is priced at $29.99.

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