Winter Jai Alai Xistera Lets You Hurl Snowballs At High Speeds

I never played Jai Alai, but there is something special about watching skinny men hurl rubber and goatskin pelotas at 188 mph.  While I doubt you can exact the same hurt as the most lethal ball of any sport, you can send icy spheres flying at a similarly high rate with the Snowball Xistera.

Styled like the handheld equipment used by actual jai alai players, the plastic contraption takes on the same curved wicker basket shape for sending balls flying into remarkable distances.  A spoon-like  plastic arm sits at the bottom,  so you can scoop perfect, round snowballs out of the pile in the driveway.

The Snowball Jai Alai Xistera measures 17.75 x 7.5 x 4 inches and weighs a single pound.  The whole rig is made from resilient ABS plastic, so it should survive through rough play (you know those damn 9-year olds) in the cold.  When used, the ball rolls from one end to the other before hurling off, allowing it to gain enough momentum to travel lengths as far as 150 feet.

Perfect for winter wargames, these rackets should make for the most unassuming snowball weapons.  I mean, who would think this will allow your puny arm muscles to throw balls of ice that far?  Even if it pales in comparison to the 180mph speed of actual pelotas, we’re willing to bet you can deliver quite a hurting with these things in tow.

Because you can never be too ready for the first day of snow, you can get the Snowball Xistera now for $24.95.  While waiting for winter, we figure you can use it to hurl ping pong balls and jawbreakers at whoever inherits your ire.  Poor them.

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