These DIY Wintercroft Masks Make For Beautiful Low-Cost Halloween Costumes

You hate dressing up for Halloween, but don’t like being the Debbie Downer of the gang, either, so you’ve decided to buy a mask to wear for this year’s festivities.  Except all the cheap masks in the store are really crappy and it’s too late to order those Freak Masks from the internet and you don’t really want to spend a lot of money and you don’t know what to do.  How about you make your own using these printable mask designs from Wintercroft?

The price is just £4.50 per design ($7.50 if you buy via their Etsy shop), which you download as a PDF template with complete instructions.  Just print it out on a piece of A4-sized paper, follow the steps, and you can have an awesome-looking mask before you even finish that first beer (disclaimer: only true if you’re a really slow drinker who nurses your drink like it’s a fragile kitty recovering from sickness).

The Wintercroft Masks cover a wide variety of likenesses.  There are masks for skulls, lions, pumpkins, owls, tigers, stormtroopers, and even a super creepy polygon-faced human straight out of a 90s CGI render.   All the masks are produced by folding the paper (or cardboard or whatever material you’re using) at strategic parts, then taping up the breaks and edges to close them up.  Once you finish a mask, you can wear it as is or touch it up with color to add some blood and gore for effect.  Granted, you’ll probably need some art skills for that, but you can always just spill red paint to turn the pig mask into a bloody pig mask without much forethought.

Hit the link below to see the complete collection of Wintercroft Masks.

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