Wipebook Is An Erasable Notebook Reminding Us Of A Whiteboard But Better

A tablet paired with a stylus can take the place of a sketchbook or a notebook for jotting down ideas, scribbling notes, and doodling as soon as inspiration strikes.  Still, there’s something that feels more organic when you’re bending over to put pen to paper, which is why some people still opt for stringing a notebook and a pen along.  My biggest beef with notebooks?  Fill one up and you’ll have to buy another, a problem that doesn’t exist with digital solutions.  Well, the Wipebook sorts of evens things out on that end.

At first glance, it looks like a regular spiral-bound notebook.  But, alas, it isn’t.  Each page is made from a whiteboard-like material that allows it to be erased and written over multiple times.  Basically, it’s a notebook with pages you can use many times over just like a regular whiteboard.  Very clever.

The Wipebook isn’t a new product.  In fact, they’ve been selling it for a few months now.  However, the original one had a few problems, most notably a slightly rough-textured surface that left subtle ghosting on the pages when you use dry erase and correctable markers instead of water-soluble ones.  This new version, which the group is Kickstarting, is specifically made for dry erase markers with a surface that’s as smooth as regular whiteboards.

As of now, the group is offering two types of Wipebooks on their Kickstarter campaign: one with blank pages and another with grids on it.  You can reserve yourself a unit with pledges of $25 for the blank notebooks and $30 for the grid version.

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