Wireless Page To TV Magnifier Lets You Blow Up The Fine Print


Reading is great, but a lot of printed text is just way too small.  I have moderately good eyesight and it pisses me off that I have to read such small prints, so I can i imagine the problem those worse off must face.  The Wireless Page To TV Magnifier looks to save those with difficulty reading from frustration, allowing you to read even the smallest prints in blown-up size right on the TV.

Put down the glasses and shove the magnifying glass back in the attic.  This helpful, mouse-like gadget lets you scan pages and feeds the resulting signal to your idiot box.  As a result, you effectively use the TV as a giant Kindle with super blown-up characters.  Never miss the fine print on anything again.

The Wireless Page To TV Magnifier consists of a handheld scanner (shaped like a tubby mouse peripheral) and a wireless base station which picks up the scans.   The station comes with a video out that you can plug into any regular television set.  It manages bright 655x488-pixel scans that you can "read" on the TV with a 2.25 x 1.5 field of view.  According to the retail page, it allows magnification of up to 2,800 percent on a standard 32-inch screen.

Likely targeted for old folks who have a hard time reading and 12-year olds who like to magnify issues of Playboy magazine, this doesn't sound all that useful for anyone in between those two extremes.  I'd totally buy one, though, for the novelty of being able to scan random stuff (like dog fleas, small inscriptions and...umm...old Playboys) and see them blown up on TV, Its available for  $149.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.