Wireless Radio Tunes You In To the Whole World

liveradioThere is a great new device out there for all of you gadget lovers to try – the wireless radio by Orange or as it is otherwise known, Liveradio.  Users of this innovative radio will get a chance to listen to radio stations from all over the world. If you have become sick of your local radio stations and are looking for something brand new, Liveradio is the way to go.

There are over five thousand radio stations available on Liveradio which will give you plenty to choose from and with this many radio stations there are sure to be some favorites that you can tune into every day, whether it’s for the very best music, news or talk from around the globe.  You can even pick up your local stations on this all in one entertainment player, should you want a return to familiarity!

The device also gives you a chance to download podcasts for listening whenever you choose.  There are more than eleven thousand podcasts for you to choose from that are available for news, music and even comedy for great entertainment.

The Orange Liveradio is simple to use and comes with a remote control for even greater ease of use.  Save, listen and download all the best in entertainment from all over the world with the Orange Liveradio player.  It can connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet depending on how you want to connect.

For those who want the latest devices in entertainment, the Orange Liveradio is a worthy addition to your collection of great gadgets.