Withings Smart Body Analyzer Might Just Help You Stay Fit

Your existing WiFi-connected weighing scale is probably pretty good.  We live in a world where we rely on data, though, and the more stats you can accumulate on your body, the more things you can do to fine-tune the darn thing.  And the new Smart Body Analyzer just might be the next step in your quest to become the next level human you’ve always known you’re capable of being.

Made by Withings, it’s a more advanced version of their original WiFi scale, adding numerous measurements and monitoring on top of merely checking out your weight.  Instead of just getting a read on your current heft, it packs additional hardware to measure your body fat percentage and heart rate readings, as well as the air quality in your surrounding environment (they designed it for use inside the bedroom).

Once the Smart Body Analyzer gets its data, the numbers are then sent to the accompanying iOS or Android app (Withings Health Mate) via Bluetooth or WiFi, which will then store your information for future reference.  Why bother with anything beyond your weight?  More than anything, adding data for body fat and heart rates allow you a better picture of your overall fitness level, with the air quality measurements (temperature and CO2 metering) giving you a clearer idea of how your bedroom environment can be affecting your sleep patterns.  The app is compatible with a large number of fitness-related titles on the app store, too, so you can quickly pick up the details for use with your apps of choice.

The Smart Body Analyzer will be available in the first quarter, priced at $149.95.





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