Wonderbag Slow Cooker Uses No Gas Or Electricity

Slow cookers are awesome — just drop a bunch of ingredients on a pot, go to work, and come home with a cooked meal waiting for you.  However, consuming power an entire day just doesn’t seem like all that great if there’s another option.  Well, there is and it’s called the Wonderbag.

Instead of relying on a power source for heating your food, the pillow-like sack takes on a more passive approach.  Just heat your pot of food on a cooktop until it boils, remove it and entomb the whole thing inside the bag — it will use the heat from the pot to simmer and stew the food for the duration of its stay.

Looking more like a big round pillow than a kitchen appliance, the Wonderbag uses heat-retention to keep the food cooking without having to plug in to a wall outlet.  Not only is this an eco-friendlier option than using an electric slow cooker, it’s a heck of a lot safer than leaving the pot in low fire over a stovetop for the entire day, too.  Plus, having the pot inside a bag means you can put the whole thing in the car — perfect for attending a potluck dinner after work without having to pass by the house.  The bag measures 40 cm tall with a 50 cm diameter, which means you can use it as a decent-sized emergency sack when you need the extra storage.

You can get the Wonderbag Eco Slow Cooker in one of three colorways, priced at £79.99.

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