Use The Wonderffle To Make Extra-Thick Belgian Waffles With Delicious Fillings


It looks like a regular waffle iron. It works like one, too. Except, the Wonderffle comes with a thicker than usual profile, giving you enough room to stuff that crispy batter cake with anything you want.

A Belgian waffle with fried chicken filling? Yep, this thing can do that. How about a waffle loaded with your favorite donut filling? Yes, that will work, too. How about a waffle with an actual donut inside it? Just throw the donut in while making the waffle and you’re set.


The Wonderffle is an erstwhile regular stovetop waffle iron – you know, the kind you fill with batter and cook on top of a stove, facing each side over the heat for a few minutes apiece. Except, this thing has a cooking chamber that measures 2.5 inches thick, allowing you to place other food items along with the batter. To use, simply pour some batter until all the squares are covered, slap on whatever fillings you want, and round it out with more batter. And, yes, you can put absolutely anything inside. While fried chicken is the most obvious, you can throw it some PB&J, stuff it with a gob of cheese, or place a fistful of anchovies in there just as an annoying prank. Seriously, if you love waffles, this just might be the greatest thing, since you can have waffle with cheese for breakfast, waffle burgers for lunch (or better yet, waffle burgers with stuffed patties), and even waffle with some Lo Mein inside if you want to have Chinese for dinner.

Construction is cast iron for the waffle maker, so you can use it on any kind of stovetop, whether it’s gas, electric, or induction. You can also use it over grills and any kind of open fire, which means you can make stuffed waffles even while slumming it in the backcountry. According to the outfit, you only need to cook each side for three minutes to get your hot and crispy waffle ready. Do note, the cast iron build means this thing heavy, tipping the scales at a substantial eight pounds.


The Wonderffle is actually a three-piece waffle iron, consisting of a bottom lid with a handle, a top lid with a handle, and a center section with a scissor handle. Yes, a scissor handle. Instead of being connected to blades, though, the scissor handle is hooked up to a clamp, which serves as the center section of the waffle iron. The idea is, you can use the clamp to easily move the freshly-cooked waffle from the stovetop to a plate, eliminating the need to use an extra utensil.


According to the outfit, this contraption lets you make Belgian waffles that measure five inches in diameter, which, when combined with the 2.5-inch thickness, will make for one seriously beefy batter cake. So, yeah, you’ll probably only need one of these to fill up during a meal (we know, you’ll make yourself two anyway, just for the heck of it).


Originally a crowdfunded product, the Wonderffle is available now, priced at $99.

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