WonKey, A Table Wedge Right On Your Keyring

Wonky tables – they’re everywhere. Just my luck, I always seem to get seated in them. When I’m having coffee at Starbucks, they’re there. Dinner in Chinatown, they’re there too. Ate at the lunch buffet in a fancy hotel yesterday and, guess what, I got the wonky table as well.

Sure, waiters will fix it when you ask them. Grudgingly. After about fifteen minutes, two spills and half your meal over. And they expect you to tip? Fix your wonky table yourself with the WonKey, a wedge designed to fit under your table’s uneven legs so it keeps itself steady.

Made from silicone rubber, it offers better grip and durability than folded newspapers, bottle caps or whatever your McGyver of a waiter decides to use to hold your table firmly. The top side is designed with a diagonal surface, so you can use the exact thickness of wedge the legs require without any complicated adjustment. After you’re done, just take it back out and run as fast as you can. The last step of that advice is optional, of course, if you’re actually planning to pay for your meal.

The WonKey comes in the shape of a key, complete with a hole on top, so you can slip it into your keyring for convenient access. That should ensure you’ll always have it with you when you need a table wedge, unless you leave your keys in the car. Or forget the wedge after getting pissed drunk at the strip club. Again.

It’s available now for $7.