Wonki Wands Let You Blow 40-Foot Long Giant Soap Bubbles

Sure, you can blow soap bubbles mixing simple solutions and using small cookie cutters you have lying around at home.  And while we don’t doubt they’ll make for plenty of fun, that fun isn’t likely to come close to the fun you’ll have with the giant 40-foot bubbles you can make using the Wonki Wands.

That’s right, ridiculously massive soap bubbles stretching as large as 40 feet long — way bigger than the already-amazing 20-foot long bubbles Bubbleinc makes.  Soap bubbles bigger than your kids, bigger than you, and even bigger than the cow they slaughtered to make all the stuffed burgers you’re grilling in the backyard (at least, we don’t know any cows that grow over 40 feet long).

Wonki Wands employ a special bubble juice solution that allow them to create inordinately huge air pockets you can send flying through the air.   They’re keeping the specific formulation under wraps, of course, so we don’t know how they achieve the monstrous dimensions.  Heck, we might as well just say it was first whipped up by an alchemist in a medieval dungeon lab, where it was discovered by a team of archaeologists who initially thought they found the elixir to the fountain of youth (yes, they were mighty disappointed).

Instead of small bubble wands, you use a pair of specially-designed acrylic tubes to create the bubbles, which you carry one in each hand to stretch the bubbles wide.  Each of the tubes are filled with glitter, so you’re not just blowing awesome giant bubbles, you’re blowing awesome giant bubbles with shimmering little things inside them.

Currently, Wonki Wands is a successfully-funded Kickstarter project.  It’s still ongoing, with pledges to reserve a set starting at $24.

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