Woobles Pac-Man Crochet Kit Lets You Stitch A 3D Plush Doll Of The 80s Arcade Legend

Pac-Man is fun, but it’s just not the kind of game that will keep you hooked for hours anymore like it did back in the days of arcade cabinets.  You know what can keep you hooked for hours, though? Crocheting. With the Woobles Pac-Man Crochet Kit, you can keep busy with the chomping yellow fellow once again.

That’s right, it’s a crochet kit that lets you make a 3D amigurumi plush doll of the maze-traversing arcade legend of the 80s, allowing you to bring Pac-Man to life while picking up some needleworking skills in the process. Whether you have a serious nostalgia for 80s games, a budding curiosity about crocheting, or just a retro gamer with a bit of time to spare, this can make for a fun project to take on that can net you an adorable plush toy when you see it through to the finish.

The Woobles Pac-Man Crochet Kit is a standard “learn to crochet” beginner kit that that bundles everything you need to make a 3D plush doll of everyone’s favorite yellow chomping ball character. It comes with two colors of yarn (yellow and black), a tapestry needle, a stitch marker, stuffing (for the plush doll), button eyes, and even a custom Pac-Man crochet hook, along with full instructions via a PDF download as well as step-by-step video tutorials available from their website.

Is it hard? We don’t know. They do recommend it for absolute beginners aged 12 or older, though, so we imagine it’s not going to be that difficult. Sure, you’ll have to pay attention to how you’re stitching the yarn together, but it shouldn’t be too hard once you get the hang of the initial instructions. It works much like any amigurumi crocheting, by the way, so you, basically, make a 2D crochet, put stuffing inside, and close up the whole thing to turn it into a 3D plush doll.

The Woobles Pac-Man Crochet Kit measures around 4 inches in diameter when finished, so you can get yourself a pretty cool-looking plush doll that fits in the palm of your hand. Since Pac-Man can get pretty lonely without being chased by Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, they also sell a crochet kit that comes with yellow yard, so you can create a likeness of Blinky. We imagine, you can buy additional yarn of different colors and follow the same instructions to create the rest of the ghost squad, so you should be able to put together an assembly of the basic Pac-Man characters with both kits.

To round up the Woobles and Pac-Man collaboration, they also have a Cherries Crochet Kit that lets you make those red cherries our yellow fellow likes chomping on. Now, if they can only release a kit to recreate that classic Pac-Man maze, you can crochet an entire Pac-Man game screen. Alternatively, you can look for other kits in the outfit’s collection that will let you recreate something similar.

The Woobles Pac-Man Crochet Kit is available now, priced at $35, although they seem to be out of stock at the moment.

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