These Wood And Leather Dumbbells Are As Decorative As They Are Functional


Do you often go to the weights room, look at all the dumbbells (don’t even get started on those Attitubes you have at home), and freak yourself out in horror at just how ugly those objects are? Yeah, there’s nothing pretty about them. We bet that’s why you’ve barely exercised in the last two years, right? If you believe beautiful equipment will genuinely motivate you to actually hit the iron more regularly, maybe you can try this set of Wood and Leather Dumbbells.

Made by Manufactum, it’s a luxury dumbbell set (complete with a storage tower) that’s about as decorative as it is functional for strength training. Seriously, you can keep this in the living room to serve as décor with no guests likely to ever suspect they’re exercise equipment, unless you start doing bicep curls and lateral flies while they talk about the mishaps that happened during this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.


The Wood and Leather Dumbbells Set consists of four pairs of dumbbells that weigh 1, 2, 4, and 6 kilograms, respectively, so it’s ideal for those looking to do light strength training at home. Each dumbbell features a wooden handle with an attached leather pouch that actually holds the iron granules that provide the necessity heft, with the whole thing looking more like a ladies’ pouch than actual exercise gear. The product page claims the unique style of the dumbbells add imbalance to their handling, which brings an extra dimension of challenge to workouts not found in rigid dumbbells. And since these are iron granules inside a leather pouch, rather than solid plates, you can drop them on your floors without leaving the tiles broken or the hardwood badly nicked.


Available now, these Wood and Leather Dumbbells retail for €495.

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