Wooden Necktie – If Tarzan Owned A Suit

We’ve seen some original takes on neckties before, like the Andtie and the Pillow Tie.  The Wood Tie, however, takes us a whole other route, using real timber to fashion what looks to be perfectly wearable neckties.  If Tarzan wore a necktie, we wouldn’t be surprised if it looked anything like this.

Made by Wood Thumb, the accessory is made from reclaimed redwood that’s been chopped, drilled and sanded into functional office neckwear.  It looks just like a regular brown necktie from a distance, although it should technically be a pendant — the necktie-shaped wooden parts are actually held around your neck by a cord.

Instead of just a single block of sculpted timber (which would have made it awesome as a wooden sword), the Wood Tie is actually made up of wood segments held together by an elastic cord.  That way, you can roll it into a bundle just like your regular ties, making it just a little easier (or harder, depending on what you’re doing) to squeeze into your luggage during trips.

Each tie is made from recycled timber picked out from a salvage yard, so you’re kind of helping rid the world of extra trash, all while feeding your irrepressible hipster stylings.  All finished products are finished with a coat of varnish, so it looks richer and just a tad shiny.

Another upside: you can wear it the next time you dress up as Fred Flintstone.  On the downside: it probably weighs considerably more than a regular necktie.  Actually, that could be a good thing — you need to exercise those neck muscles.  The Wood Thumb Wood Tie is available in large and small sizes, priced at $34.

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