These Are Easily The Nicest Wooden Beer Mugs We’ve Ever Seen


We’re not entirely sure how we’re supposed to grab onto this Wooden Beer Mug while drinking from it. Should we grab the chunky side? Maybe the rounded corner?   Do I need to put a thumb on that hole? Whichever the case, this unusual-looking beer stein should make for an interesting addition to anyone’s barware collection.

Made by Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, the wooden construction and unfamiliar shape brings a geometric quality that makes it more decorative than traditional mugs, making for drinkware that should look all manners of awesome while it sits on the living room coffee table, a side table in the bedroom, or your desk at work. I know, you’re not allowed to imbibe beer at work, but it should be a suitable option for drinking juice, soda, and other chilled beverages, as well.


Despite the unusual shape, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks claim that the Wooden Beer Mug is “surprisingly ergonomic,” making them as comfortable to use as any pint, stein, or mug in your kitchen cupboard. Since wood and liquids don’t exactly play nice, the mug’s exterior has a thick coating of wax and mineral oil, with the interior treated using FDA-approved, food-safe epoxy. Do note, the epoxy coating isn’t designed to handle hot beverages, so while it should be good for your nightly sip of suds, you’ll need to find something else for the coffee and tea you’ll partake in throughout the rest of the day.


Available in two styles, Purpleheart and Dark, the Wooden Beer Mug is priced at $140 and $70, respectively.

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