Cards Of Wood Prints Business Cards And More On Micro-Veneers

Paper is made from wood.  So why not get rid of the middleman and print everything on the wood itself?  We don’t know if that’s a good idea, but that’s what Cards of Wood is doing, printing out erstwhile paper products on ultra-thin wood veneer.

Made from 100% natural wood, the cards can be commissioned for a variety of uses.  The company, in fact, produces everything from bookmarks to business cards to envelopes to wedding stationery, all with the same micro-veneer material as the main canvas.

Cards of Wood offers the paper-like product in three different thicknesses: paperback (0.015 inches), business card (.017 inches) and postcard (.025 inches).  Yep, it’s really as thin as regular paper.  You can choose from 23 different species of wood as the source for your micro-veneer, including bamboo, white ash and oak.   Current available printing options are limited to laser and foil (the last one creates a shiny print).

According to the company, the entire production of the wood veneer and printing of the cards are done in-house at their shop in Belmont, Michigan.  They also boast of using only sustainably-grown wood, in case you care about the green credentials of any products you patronize

Both sets of cards and blank micro-veneers for your own printing projects are available from Cards of Wood.  In case you’re taking the latter, you can use it for laser and foil printing, as well as engraving, etching, screen printing, offset printing, letterpress, thermographic printing and laser cutting.  They’re not cheap, though, with prices starting at $15 for the printed bookmarks.

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