Woodway EcoMill: A Non-Motorized Treadmill With Electronic Displays


Want the power savings of a manual treadmill but want to see displays of how much energy you’re using up?  Run a mile in the Woodway EcoMill, an unplugged treadmill with a bevy of digital displays on the panel and an electronically-controlled elevation system.

Designed with a kinetic generator built into its frame, running and walking on the EcoMill should generate just enough energy to light up the basic display, as well as allow a nifty one-touch control of the elevation system.  That way, you get the same energy savings as you do from a pure push treadmill (along with all the “green” benefits, if you tend to lean that way), without suffering from the lack of visual feedback as to how well you are doing.   Being able to increase the incline without having to get off the machine to pull it up sure sounds pretty dandy too.

The running surface sports 47 individual slats measuring a total of 22 x 52 inches, going around a drive system with toothed belts, drive wheels and 114 precision ball bearings.  It can handle runners of up to 500 lbs from flat to an elevation of  up to 15%.  Integrated power module consists of a 12ah sealed rechargeable battery, with onboard kinetic generator and battery management.

If you take issue with the unnecessary power use in treadmills and exercise equipment, the Woodway EcoMill is a great way to get around it, all while still enjoying a few of the benefits of motorized units.  The eco-friendly machine is currently available in tacky green color (as in the photos) or a less wretched-looking black for a pocket-unfriendly price of $8,500.

[Woodway via Dvice]