Woofer Is A Wearable Speaker You Can Put On Your Dog

People who play loud and ugly music in the streets should be fined (Oh..they already do that in some places).  Or, at least, beat up with a big-ass pair of headphones until they get the point that nobody else shares their undying love for DIY MIDI recordings from grown men who live in their parents’ basement.  But, alas, it gets worse.  Now, your dog can take part in the “I carry loud music with me” action with the Woofer, a dog shirt with built-in speakers.

The product page claims that the wearable audio equipment “enables more dog interaction in our lives.”  Umm… we have to be honest here.  The only thing this will do is pass the blame onto your dog when someone starts getting irked with that loud music pipin’ while they enjoy what’s supposed to be a quiet afternoon in the park.

The Woofer is a handmade doggy coat with a wireless speaker built onto it.  It works like any regular speaker, too, receiving tunes from your music player over Bluetooth and playing it for the world to hear.  From what we can tell in the pictures, the construction isn’t particularly sleek, with the speaker parts bulging conspicuously through the fabric.

By the way, the speaker unit is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry when your pet goes into wet and damp places.  Or gets peed on by other dogs.  For the latter, however, it will probably smell funky.

A veterinarian is cited in the Woofer page as having certified the product to be safe for pets.  It’s available in three sizes (small, medium, large), priced from $140 to $160.

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