Woof…Woof…Woofer: The Hi-FiDo Speaker


Like dogs, but don’t appreciate them damn sharp teeth?  The Hi-FiDo speaker is a sexy, little puppy that’s all bark and no bite, woof…woof…woofing your favorite songs from its unusually-distinctive canine shell.

The entire body is built out of ceramic, which creator Matteo Cibic claims has acoustic properties that the system uses “to diffuse the high-quality sound with a bass reflex system.”  Whatever that means, the thing should sound slightly on the high end, which is good.

Hi-FiDo is a 150-watt speaker clad in an all-white, 40 x 30 x 25 cm ceramic frame that looks like a toy dog with four short legs, a cute little tail and a giant mouth.  Sound pipes through that large gorge of a head, pumping out presumably excellent-sounding music from your favorite audio source (it can connect to your iPods and other media players via auxiliary cable).


Speakers rarely get me excited, but a 150W doggy floor speaker (it looks a little too big to sit right next to my desktop PC) sounds like the perfect thing to set down in my living room.  If you have a horny male dog in the house (no, not your husband silly), please try to keep him away  – I have a feeling he’s going to try and get this thing very dirty.

The Hi-FiDo is slated for availability in April from Matteo Cibic Studio.  Only 50 examples will be made, which means it’s going to be a limited edition piece.  As such, expect it to be a little pricier than usual.

[Matteo Cibic Studio via Craziest Gadgets]