Use Woojer To Feel Sounds Throughout Your Entire Body

Listening to music is great and all, but if you prefer feeling every beat in your body, you’re going to have to crank that B&O sound system way up to a level where the neighbors will probably complain.  The Woojer is a wearable device that will deliver sounds directly to your body, allowing you to genuinely feel sound, instead of just hearing it, without having to push the volume to max.

Designed to make the auditory experience of listening to music, playing games, and watching movies way more immersive, the device attaches to clothing, where it will translate sonic and subsonic low frequency sounds into tactile sensations that travel to the body’s entire nerve system.   The effect should be similar to being in a live concert right in front of massive speakers, all while relaxing peacefully in the comfort of your home.

More than a glorified rumble pack, the Woojer uses a new type of polyphonic transducer that delivers the unique type of tactile sensation.  To use it, simply plug the device onto an audio source, then hook up your Sennheisers or whatever other headphones you have to it.  From there, you simply wear the device on your clothing (they recommend either on your shirt, along the sternum, or on your belt, in line with the spine) and press play.   It comes with three vibration levels that can be controlled by a manual toggle switch.

Aside from changing the way we experience audio, the device is also being marketed to those who are hard of hearing, since the tactile sensations could allow them to experience sounds in other ways.  The device operates silently, too, so you can experience loud, body-blasting music without bothering anyone around (as long as you’re wearing headphones, of course).

Originally a Kickstarter project, Woojer is now a consumer product.  It’s available now, priced at $99.

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